Wikipedia Notability Guides

The General Notability Guideline is a Wikipedia policy that outlines the primary criteria for determining if a subject is notable enough to have an article.
The Wikipedia Notability policy for Organizations and Companies is a set of criteria that helps determine if an organization is a valid subject for Wikipedia.
On Wikipedia, notability for people is determined by the coverage they receive in multiple reliable, published independent sources.
The Wikipedia Notability Policy for Music is a set of guidelines that outline the criteria for whether a music-related topic is notable enough for an article.
The notability guideline for academic notability on Wikipedia requires that the subject be significant, interesting, or unusual enough to be worthy.
The notability guideline for video games on Wikipedia determines what it takes for a video game to be worthy of an article.
The notability guidelines for books and authors on Wikipedia requires that the subject has received significant coverage in independent reliable sources.
A film on Wikipedia needs significant press from reliable, independent sources to have enough notability for a Wikipedia article that covers it.
The Wikipedia notability guidelines for media outlets requires that the subject has been covered in secondary sources that are reliable and independent.
Wikipedia's vehicle notability policy guides decisions on article deletion and merging, covering diverse transport machines and devices.
The notability guideline for aircraft on Wikipedia outlines specific criteria for determining the notability of various types of aircraft.
Wikipedia's academic journal notability guideline requires notable journals to publish scholarly research aligned with the General Notability Guidelines.
Wikipedia's Web notability guideline covers all internet-based content, such as blogs, online magazines, forums, podcasts, webcomics, and more.
Meeting the notability needed for astronomical events requires significant coverage in reliable sources. Simply listing in databases won't be enough.