Notability For Media Outlets

What is the notability guideline for media outlets on Wikipedia?

The notability guideline for media outlets on Wikipedia requires that the subject has been covered in secondary sources that are reliable, independent, and substantial. This includes newspapers, magazines, radio, and television outlets. In cases where the depth of coverage isn’t substantial, multiple independent sources should be used. Trivial or incidental coverage won’t count towards notability. 

What types of sources are considered valid for establishing notability for media outlets?

Work published by outlets with a reputation for editorial integrity such as newspaper articles, books, television documentaries, and reports by consumer watchdog organizations, is considered reliable. But sources like press releases, autobiographies, advertising, and other self-published material doesn’t count when establishing notability.

Can media outlets that don’t meet the general notability guideline still be included in Wikipedia?

Yes, if they are part of a related article, such as their parent company or organization, or in lists based on location, service, or format. However, the information included must be properly verifiable and should not be the primary focus of the article.

Are there specific notability guidelines for different categories of media outlets?

Yes, different categories of media outlets, such as newspapers, magazines, journals, broadcast radio and television stations, pay television and radio services, student media, and programming each has  its own set of notability guidelines . Within those guidelines, the criteria for establishing notability may vary depending on the type of media outlet in question.

What are the specific notability criteria for newspapers, magazines, and journals on Wikipedia?

Wikipedia presumes these outlets notable if they meet one or more of the following criteria through reliable sources: They have produced work that has received a well-known and significant journalism award or honor; have served a historic purpose or have a significant history; are considered authoritative or influential in their subject area; are frequently cited by other reliable sources, or are significant publications in ethnic and other non-trivial niche markets.

What are the specific notability criteria for broadcast radio and television stations on Wikipedia?

Broadcast radio and television stations are generally considered to be notable on Wikipedia if reliable sources can be used to verify their history and importance within the market they serve. A brief explanation of the broadcast market may be needed for editors to make informed decisions. However smaller outlets like translator or relay stations and subchannels of individual digital television stations are generally not considered notable. 

What are the specific notability criteria for pay television and radio services on Wikipedia?

Most national and regional pay television and radio services are considered notable because of their likelihood to meet the general notability guideline. However, individual channels on a cable or satellite radio service are generally not considered notable.

What are the specific notability criteria for student media on Wikipedia?

Student media, such as college radio stations and student newspapers, are judged by the same inclusion standards as any other media outlet. They are not presumed non-notable just because they primarily serve a university or college student population. A student newspaper or radio station that is deemed non-notable should be redirected to the college or university that it serves.

What are the specific notability criteria for podcasts on Wikipedia?

An individual podcast is likely to be notable if it has been produced or distributed by a notable broadcaster or media company. However, reporting about the podcast in reliable sources is more definitive than the its affiliation with any particular entity. Podcasts are also more likely to be notable if they have won a prestigious, well-recognized award or have been repeatedly nominated for such an award. Additionally, a podcast is more likely to be notable if it has reached a high position on a notable podcasting chart that updates at least weekly.

What are the specific notability criteria for programming on Wikipedia?

An individual radio program is likely to be notable if it airs on a network of radio stations (either national or regional in scope). It is far less likely to be notable if it airs in a single local media market. In either case, reporting reliable sources is more definitive than the geographic range of the program’s audience alone. For instance, a purely local talk radio program might be notable enough for inclusion if it was instrumental in exposing a major political scandal. Television or radio station articles should not contain a comprehensive listing of the station’s entire broadcast schedule but can describe programs the station originates, as long as such information is properly sourced and in-depth, and briefly mention syndicated programs it airs.

What are the specific notability criteria for media lists and categories on Wikipedia?

Lists of a particular type of media outlet should exist only at the country or first-order divisional level. Individual cities or extended media markets are permitted “Media in (City)” lists, which have subsections for radio, television, and print media in that particular city, but should not have separate lists for each individual type of media. Categories can be created based on geographical division, genre, network, or ownership group, but should not combine geographical and non-geographical subcategories.

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