Wikipedia Strategy

Do I really need lawyers, PhD and top journalists to develop a Wikipedia strategy? 

Aside from being an encyclopedia, Wikipedia is a labyrinth of policies, guidelines and internal politics. In some ways, it’s comparable to a body of law open to constant interpretation by a large body of passionate editors. In other ways, it’s a historical project requiring deep archival research. 

Our Wikipedia agency’s expert strategic guidance is derived from more than a decade of experience in Wikipedia consulting, hundreds of clients, thousands of edits and the most accomplished team in the space. Our highly-credentialed senior staff includes a former lawyer, two PhDs, and two former investigative journalists. We always assign two senior consultants to every project – an expert in research and an expert in policy. 

As the leading Wikipedia agency for corporate and professional clients, WhiteHatWiki’s approach is to create a strategy grounded in both deep expertise in both policy and research. 

Effective Wikipedia strategy involves simultaneously managing big picture goals, step-by-step planning, and the execution of hundreds of highly granular decisions. We’re adroit at recommending tactics based on current best practices on Wikipedia – a moving target multiple team members follow on a daily basis. 

Any strategic plan also involves an assessment of the likelihood of success of each element of the plan being approved by independent editors, the costs and the anticipated timeline. No two situations are identical, but our proposals and recommendations have a high rate of success, even in difficult situations. At the same time we are committed to avoiding the “black hat” practices Wikipedia’s open-editing platform makes possible, especially because cheating on Wikipedia can backfire in ways that are severely damaging to clients.