Wikipedia Editor
Conflicts & Controversies

Anyone can edit any Wikipedia article at any time – and that includes a steadily-growing group of trolls. The ills of social media have not escaped Wikipedia. We’ve helped some of the best known companies in the world, and many prominent individuals, deal with sophisticated trolls trying to undermine their reputations with unjustified attacks on Wikipedia.

WhiteHatWiki is the most experienced agency in the world when it comes to successfully dealing with attacks by hostile individuals exploiting weaknesses in Wikipedia. Our experts are knowledgeable in the special policies that apply in cases that possibly involve libel or grossly factually inaccurate statements that are severely damaging to reputations. We usually can get a quick resolution in these cases. In a true crisis, we can do next day turn-arounds on our recommendations, and implement a multi-pronged approach to get a fast result.

While in extreme cases it’s straightforward to get malicious content quickly taken down, most of the time getting more subtle attacks permanently removed requires a longer-term strategy involving elaborate, multi-editor consensus. An experienced troll who understands how Wikipedia works can make changes in such a way as to make it very difficult to achieve a fast reversal that will stick. Less Wikipedia-experienced trolls are far easier to deal with than more experienced hostile editors. In fact, some sophisticated “agenda editors” even run in packs – and unless challenged by a professional with many years of experience, they’re almost impossible to stop.

Our approaches might include informal multi-editor discussions for quicker resolutions; formal multi-editor surveys and votes for binding and permanent resolutions; complaints to Wikipedia administrators either on or through private channels regarding editors who violate policy regulating the behavior of users; appeals to relevant Wiki groups and discussion boards; and other processes.