Notability For Vehicles

What is the notability guideline for vehicles on Wikipedia?

The notability guideline for vehicles on Wikipedia policy provides criteria for consistent decisions in articles for deletion and merging discussions, focusing on various types of machines and devices that transport a payload, including but not limited to human beings. The policy covers broad groups, types, subtypes, individual vehicles, and unique vehicles. Notability is determined by significant coverage in secondary sources, adherence to Wikipedia’s core policies, 

What types of sources are considered valid for establishing notability for vehicles?

Valid sources for establishing notability for vehicles include reliable secondary sources, such as industry publications, encyclopedic works, authoritative websites, and academic studies. Primary sources, such as identifiers assigned by the manufacturer, may be helpful but should be verified against other reliable sources. Personal websites, blogs, bulletin boards, Usenet posts, wikis, and other media that are not themselves reliable are not considered valid sources for establishing notability.

Can vehicles that don’t meet the general notability guideline still be included in Wikipedia?

Yes, under certain conditions. If the vehicle is part of a larger notable subject or if it has a significant connection to one, it may be included as a section within a related article. In this situation, however, it’s critical to adhere to Wikipedia’s core policies to ensure that the vehicle’s inclusion isn’t a means of promotion or advertisement. 

Are there specific notability guidelines for different categories of vehicles?

Yes, Such categories include broad groups, types, subtypes, individual vehicles, and unique vehicles. Each category has its own set of criteria to determine notability, which may include factors like commercial availability, distinct designations, legal recognition, or significant coverage in reliable sources. These guidelines help ensure that the content related to vehicles on Wikipedia is consistent, relevant, and adheres to the platform’s core policies.

What are the specific notability criteria for subtypes of vehicles on Wikipedia?

The specific notability criteria for subtypes of vehicles on Wikipedia include factors like receiving a distinct model number from the builder or manufacturer, being reported as a distinct subtype in reliable secondary sources, or having a clear distinction from the immediate parent type. Subtypes may be considered notable if their parent article requires splitting and they meet any of these criteria. However, creating separate articles for each subtype is generally discouraged to avoid fragmentation and lowering the level of notability.

What are some common challenges in establishing notability for vehicle subtypes?

It can be difficult to find sources that treat the subtype as a subject, differentiating it in a verifiable way from its parent-type. As with all notability guidelines, it’s important that the sources be independent and reliable. 

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