Notability For Video Games

What is the notability guideline for Wikipedia Video Game notability?

There is no official Wikipedia policy for video games, which means that the General Notability Guidelines applies. But there is a non-binding essay with a notability guideline for video games on Wikipedia. It states that a video game is appropriate for an article if it has been the subject of significant commentary or analysis in published sources that are independent of the game developer. This includes any reliable sources such as newspapers, magazines, books, documentaries, websites, and consumer reports. The commentary should be critical and detailed, reporting more than basic game data.

What types of sources are considered valid for establishing notability for video games?

Valid sources for establishing notability for video games include reliable sources like newspapers, magazines, books, documentaries, websites, and consumer reports. Independent sources must not be primary sources, press releases, advertisements, manuals, official game guides, materials from business partners, or other promotional content. The coverage must be detailed, analytical, and critical, focusing on the game itself and its impact on the industry.

Can video games that don’t meet the general notability guideline still be included in Wikipedia?

In some cases, video games that do not meet the general notability guideline may still be included in Wikipedia if they fulfill specific criteria outlined in other notability guidelines, such as the notability criteria for web-specific content and the notability guideline for products. However, this inclusion may be limited to a mention in a related article rather than having a dedicated standalone article.

Are there specific notability guidelines for different categories of video games?

Officially no, but in practice, establishing notability for different categories of video games, such as visual novels, serious games used for teaching, game elements like minigames or game concepts, can vary, especially because of the difference in the quality of  sources that cover these types of games. This can makes some tyes of games easier to qualify than others.

How do awards and nominations contribute to video game notability?

Awards and nominations alone do not demonstrate a video game’s notability. However, significant commentary on the award or nomination by a reliable source could help meet the notability guideline. In some cases, the award-giving organization itself may be considered a reliable source, particularly if award nominations are quoted in other reliable sources. Well-recognized industry-wide independent awards may help create a presumption of notability, but online polls, top 10 lists, and awards from individual publishers do not help establish notability.

How does the notability policy apply to derivative game releases, such as ports, remakes, expansions, and compilations?

Derivative game releases do not always warrant a stand-alone article. Most derivative releases should be covered in the original game’s article unless there is significant distinct game content and reliable commentary about the differences. Creating separate articles for derivative releases should only be considered if the new content has significant coverage in reliable sources and can justify a standalone article, rather than merely adding to the original game’s article.

How is notability for fan-produced games and mods determined?

Notability for fan-produced games and mods follows similar guidelines as other video games. A new stand-alone article should only be created for a fan game or mod if it has independent, reliable commentary about the distinct game content. If a fan project lacks significant coverage in reliable sources, it may not meet the notability criteria for a dedicated Wikipedia article.

What should be done when notability is uncertain or borderline for a video game?

When notability is uncertain or borderline for a video game, further research should be conducted to find additional reliable sources that meet Wikipedia’s notability criteria. If multiple sources cannot be found, consider adding the video game’s information to an existing related article or list, rather than creating a stand-alone article. In some cases, it may be appropriate to create a stand-alone article and add a “notability” tag, allowing other Wikipedia contributors to help improve the article and provide additional sources.

Do notability guidelines change for older or international video game releases?

While the core notability guidelines do not change for older or international video game releases, finding reliable sources for these games may be more challenging due to print coverage or non-English sources. A reliable source briefly mentioning the game’s influence on a genre or type of game may indicate that significant commentary likely exists in print and/or non-English sources. It is important to be thorough in research to establish notability for older or international game releases.

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