How do you work with clients who want a new article on a subject?

Right off the bat, we’ll do a notability review. If we don’t think your subject will qualify as notable, we’ll explain and what has to happen before that might change.

Next, we’ll talk to you about the subject of the article, and then review all the related source material. We read everything, even if takes many  days. We’re looking for reliable sources for every fact, and helpful information that you might not even know would be considered eligible to appear in a Wikipedia article but we know may qualify because of comparable articles.

We’ll also review related Wikipedia articles and consider proposing changes to insert your subject into those as well, if the topic merits being included. Inter-linking within Wikipedia helps establish the credibility of a subject.

We’ll then proceed to a draft article, including sourcing. Our writing is terse, specific, and stylistically academic. We present it to your for review in an early form and then again, when it’s been fully formatted on Wikipedia, so you can see exactly how it will look, pre-publication. After your review for accuracy, we submit it for review, with appropriate COI disclosures, in all the required places. When needed, we write a memo for  the article explaining why the subject is notable, verifiably sourced and presented in neutral manner.

After an article has been reviewed, we follow up accordingly. Sometimes no changes are made. Sometimes language has been re-worked or sections moved or removed. It’s possible the changes make the article better or don’t affect its quality much. But if we think the changes do the article a disservice, we engage in polite discussions with the reviewers, marshaling our facts and citations to Wikipedia policy. These discussions can become extremely technical and long, even for a short entry. On rare occasions where we can’t reach a resolution, we may request that additional editors become involved in the discussion.

Finally, we’ll continue to monitor the article for at least a month and then for whatever period of time you’ve hired us to provide alerts and responses.